Code of conduct

Here is a link to the new club code of conduct which applies to all members including parents, athletes and coaches.    Please can you familiarise yourself with all the parts that apply to you .  Click here to read- code of conduct v2.

Below is the old code of conduct detailing safe use of the track.

Code of Conduct to apply during Club Activities

1          When taking part in Club activities, members will behave in a sensible and responsible manner.

2          Only qualified coaches are allowed to give instruction to members under 18 years of age.

3          Any member under the age of 18 must not undertake any technical event without a qualified coach present

4          Any member over the age of 18 should not undertake a technical event for the first time without the advice of a qualified coach.

5          Any member over the age of 18 undertaking a technical event in training will check the safety of the equipment before use.

6          No throwing activities will take place unless the throwing area is roped off and only members taking part in throwing activities will be allowed to enter the roped off throwing areas.

7          Members will not cross the central arena or the long jump run-ups when training is in progress.

8          Members training on the track will use the lanes assigned to their activity and should observe the track rules displayed at the track entrance and the Wirral AC clubhouse.

9              No athletic activity should take place without the appropriate level of lighting.

10        When taking part in organised training activities in an area outside the stadium, members under 18 must follow the instructions of a qualified coach, particularly in regard of any legal requirements for the use of  that area.

11        When training in the dark on a public highway, members should always wear an item of white or fluorescent clothing.

12        Any accident causing apparent or possible physical damage to the member or other person during a club activity must be reported in the ‘Accident Book’ kept for the purpose in the Clubhouse and should be reported to the General Secretary.


  1. Personal: Members should seek their own personal and medical liability insurance.
  2. Travel: All travel by car to training or events is a personal contract between the parties giving and accepting the lifts and is not the responsibility or liability of the officers or coaches of Wirral Athletic Club though officers or coaches may facilitate such contracts.
  3. Equipment: Loss or damage to personal equipment while in transit or in use in the course of athletic training or competition is the responsibility of the member, not Wirral Athletic Club or its officers or coaches.

Welfare of Young Members

The club has adopted the guidelines laid out by the AAA of England.   A copy is displayed in the Wirral A. C. clubhouse and is available from the Child Protection Officer, Mr Patrick Brophy

PARENTS of young athletes:  Please ensure your children are aware of this code and IN PARTICULAR

ENSURE that YOU and THEY are aware ANY PERSON MUST NOT cross the TRACK, CENTRAL ARENA or the LONG JUMP RUN-UP LANES when training is in progress.