Wirral AC Principal Officers for 2017-18

President: N. A. Waterson

Honorary Life Members:
W J Hinds, P F Humphreys, M E Morrell, J Oxton, N A Waterson

Honorary Members:
J E Green, Mrs P Green, Miss M Meikle, M Roberts, D Wilde, Miss J Young

R E Jackson, D J Shallcross, N A Waterson

General Secretary: Simon Moore email:

Chairman: John Heap tel: 0151 645 5335 email:

Treasurer: Sharon Darroch  email:

Membership Secretary: Anne Rosbottom  Tel : 0151 645 5335  email:

Officials Secretary: Chris Wilding: Tel 0151 334 9518 email:

Men’s Cross Country and Road Team Manager/Captain: Will Ferguson email:

Ladies Cross Country and Road Team Manager/Captain: Maggie Cooper email:

Coaching Secretary: Ron Price email:

Welfare Officers: Pat Brophy : email:

                                 Pam Green: tel: 0151 342 4933, email: