Inter Club Road Relays 2020 – cancelled

Inter Club Road Relays 2020

Update 17/09/2020 1.20pm

We have now received confirmation from St. Helens’ council that the event cannot go ahead this weekend, see link.  We will be in touch with team managers as soon as we have assessed the options.

St. Helens Council Letter


Update 17/09/2020 11.50am

We have been contacted by St Helens’ council, who have told us that Merseyside is now on the Government Gold Command priority list. This could lead to local lock downs tomorrow or this weekend.

As a result we are expecting a letter today from the Director of Public Health that will require us to suspend the event this weekend because of its location.

When the letter arrives, we will put forward options to teams that will include refunds. We are talking to the Jockey Club in detail about possible alternative venues or dates, and hope to be able to outline a possible alternative plan.

Unfortunately it seems that we have been overtaken by events.