London Marathon Ballot Criteria

The club is assigned a small number of entries for the London Marathon.  These places are allocated by means of a draw according to the following rules.

To be eligible for a club place, you must meet the following criteria.

1.      You must be over 18 years of age.

2.     You must have been a full registered member for the current membership year (full membership  – see notes below*)

3.       You have not had a club place for the previous 2 London marathons.

4.      You must be in possession of a rejection slip (or have other clear proof of rejection) from the marathon entry ballot process and you must not be eligible for good for age or a AAA championship place.


1. To be eligible for the 2018 Marathon draw, you must have been a fully paid up, EA registered current member for the 12 months prior to the event.

2.  Please register to be entered into the draw via the email address or via the contact on the website.

3. The draw will be held prior to an evening training session at the club house by a club committee member or appointed nominee.

4. It is recommended, but not compulsory, that you attend the draw.

5.The draw will have a number of reserves allocated.

6. You will have to prove your eligibility for the club place (according to the eligibility criteria above) within one week after the draw (eg. provide proof of rejection from the the London marathon entry process).   If eligibility is not confirmed, then the place will be offered to the reserve.

7. Membership records will be checked with the club secretary.

8. If there are special circumstances in relation to the eligibility criteria you can apply to the club committee for special dispensation ideally no later than one month before the draw.  The committee’s decision is final.