The Oval Refurbishment – Stage 1

The Plan

Wirral AC have now received permission to undertake some voluntary maintenance work on the athletics’ stand at the Oval Bebington.  This work consist of repainting the steel railing to the rear and front of the stand and cleaning down and painting the wooden seating area.  It is estimated that this will require 50 to 100 man days of voluntary effort spread over a number of days.  In addition to this work some other refurbishment work is planned for the snack bar.

Thanks to donations from various members and with assistance from Bromborough Paints who have provided advice on paints and a substantial discount with respect to the retail price we have nearly everything required, outstanding items are listed below if you can help is any of them.

What are we going to do

  • Wire brush the railings and then paint.
  • Brush and clean down the woodwork (several times).
  • Replace worn or broken sections of woodwork.
  • Paint the woodwork.
  • Refurbish the snack bar.


The Oval has initially been made available to us on the 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th March and 8th April 2018.  The plan is to break each day in to 3 sections, 10am to 12 noon, 12 noon to 2pm and 2pm to 4pm.  We do appreciate that some of the dates clash with other events such as Borders league, Indoor meetings and Northern relays and these obviously take priority.

Note: All painting is subject to the temperature, the paint requires a minimum of 8 degrees c in order to cure correctly.

Materials / Fittings still required.

  • An unlimited amount of timber/planking (not MDF please), anything from 500mm x 100mm x 12mm upwards.
  • Several sheets 3/4″ ply
  • Several rolls of roofing felt and bitumen mastic
  • 2 * under counter fridges.
  • 2 * large electric grills.
  • Your time!
  • Your energy!

What can I do to help and what do I need

We will provide a limit number of safety glasses, sweeping brushes, paint brushes and other tools.  You may wish to bring along your own gloves, safety glasses, old paint brushes, and other tools.

You can do as much or a little as suits you, but if you could please provide some indication of the dates/times you’d be able to help it would assist in the planning.