Track Endurance Series

Track Endurance Series 2017


The dates for the 2017 track endurance race series have been finalised.  These races are held once a month between April and August at the Oval, Bebington.  Both men and women compete together in each race.

All entries on the night – £2  .    All races start at 7.45pm

UKA permit : Applied for.

Official starter, lap-count and time-keeping.  All results posted on Power of 10.


Date                                                    Distance

Wed 5th April 2017                            5K

Wed 24th May 2017                          3 K

Wed 5th July 2017                             10 K

Wed 2nd Aug 2017                            5K



5km 5th April 17

Series results after race-1

We need to send out a big apology to all of the athletes who competed in the 5km endurance race last Wednesday. As you are aware our official time-keeper did not attend the race last week and unfortunately your recorded times cannot be put onto the power of 10 as their system requires tenths of a second to be recorded.
Many apologies.
Your run will be included in the series of our races over the summer.
I hope this unfortunate situation does not deter you from competing in our other races over the summer. Our time-keeper has assured us of their presence in the future races this Summer.
Kind regards
Steve Spence