Wirral AC Winter League 2019 – 2020

A winter league to get us all out to local races over the winter!

The aim of the league is to get us out and promote us as a club, generate some friendly competition and maybe even enjoy a post race coffee / cake with your fellow club members..
Current standings can be found – here

Races and Rules are…

  • You must compete for Wirral AC wearing a Wirral AC vest and appear in the team picture posted to https://www.facebook.com/WirralAC.RunClub/
  • 1 point for each L&D race
  • 1 point for each MACCL race
  • 1 point for Borders League race
  • 2 points for the Merseyside Cross Country Championships
  • 1 point for the Northern Cross Country Championships
  • 1 point for the National Cross Country Championships

Bonus points awarded for the following

  • 2 point for helping with marshalling at the MACCL hosted by Wirral AC
  • 2 point for competing for Wirral AC in the Borders League event where fewest Wirral AC runners finish.
  • 1 point (for all finishes) at the Merseyside Cross Country if team medals are won (separate mens/womens/u20s)
  • 1 point for providing post event cake (for 10 or more)